Today I’m sharing my first review ever!! I love lipsticks, it makes your make up look complete. I will talk about the MAC lipstick Matte Diva.

When I’m shopping with friends and I can’t find anything I like, I love to buy lipstick. Everytime that happens I decide to buy a MAC lipstick, because what’s wrong with a lipstick? And then I think to myself, why shouldn’t I buy a MAC lipstick. I probably spend more money when I see something nice to wear in the shops. So there I go (you can see in the back that it already happend a few times😇).

My last lipstick I bought is the MAC Matte Diva. I was looking for a more red coloured lipstick. When I tried the red MAC lipstick, I figured red isn’t really my colour. So I looked for an other one. Me walking out of that store without a lipstick, wasn’t going to happen.

So, I found this colour. It points to red, but not to much. It’s a little darker. I love to combine this lipstick with basis make up. I love it when lips stand out.

What colour do you like on your lips?

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