Here I am again with a few movies you should definitely watch this month. I love movies so why not share the best with you guys!


Drama set during 1967. A black R&B group The Dramatics want to score a recording contract in Detroit. Before their performance the police shut down venue and order them to leave the city. When they try to leave with their bus, their bus gets attacked by rioters. The group splits up. Two of the group rents a room at the local Algiers Motel for the night. When someone on the hotel starts to fire several blanks in to the direction of troops who are on the street to frighten them, the problem really begins. They mistake it for a sniper attack and open fire on the Algiers Motel. From there it will only get worse. I really recommend this movie. It’s such a good story!

Book of Henry

The movie follows a single mother with two sons. One of the sons is highly gifted. The oldest son Henry developed feelings for the girl next door. Together with his brother and mother he works on a plan to save her from the abuse by her father. It’s a sad story but certainly a movie you must see.


 Magical creatures live side by side. A human cop is forced to work with an Orc to find a weapon everyone is prepared to kill for. The creatures are very interesting. This is a good movie to watch on a rainy Sunday.

It follows

In this movie a girl gets followed by an unknown supernatural force. The unknown force get attached to a person after sex. She had sex with a boy she likes. After the sex he tell’s her about the unknown supernatural force and disappears. Together with good friends of her she tries to beat it.

Mountain between us

This movie was recently in the cinema. It’s about a men and a woman who decided to share a plane while they barely even know each other. There are no planes flying from the airport due the weather conditions. They found a small plane. The owner was willing to fly. When they are in the air, they really got in trouble. From there the movie really starts!

Lots of love,

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