Hopefully you had a nice Christmas!
Today I share my first hotspot. In this category I will share nice places to go to for a drink or something to eat.

On Christmas Day I had lunch with my family at ‘t Olde Schop. This is a restaurant with good food.
High tea, dinner, it’s all possible!

I was here for the first time on Christmas Day. There was a warm, cozy atmosphere. Perfect for Christmas.

Down below you can see the menu.

We started with soup. You could choose between three types of soup. Then we got a table full of little main dishes. For dessert we got all sorts of different kinds of desserts. The hazelnut mousse with chocolate sauce was my favorite!

I definitely recommend this restaurant, especially for a special occasion where you want to go to for a slightly more chic appareance. This is the place to be!

I shared a few pictures down below to show some ambiance.

Lots of love,

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