Hi Babes,

Photography is a big passion of me. It started on a vacation. I made photos with my Iphone, at the moment they looked nice. A year later I noticed that the photo quality wasn’t that good at all. The technologie has changed so far that the Iphone photos weren’t beautiful anymore. Then I found out that Iphone reduced the quality when someone with a Iphone7 sends a picture to someone with, for example, an Iphone6.
For this reason I looked for other options to keep my beautiful holiday pictures in high quality and so I came across a SLR camera. With my savings I bought a Canon100D.

A SLR camera has a lot of features. I didn’t know how it works. For know I’m familiar with the basic settings but I’m sure I can learn much more about it.

Today I would like to share my pictures that I made for a beauty salon: GLOW INSTITUTE. I had created a Facebook page to share my photos and through this way I was asked to take pictures for them.
Take a look and let me know what you think.

Lots of love,



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